before i die...

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a list-person. I love making lists. This is one I wanted to share with you: my bucketlist. Everything I want to do next  week, this year, in twenty years, someday, before I die. The order of my list is completely random. I'll try and accomplish as much of the points mentioned as possible. 
So, here it is... 

    1.   party at the 'Into The Great Wide Open' festival
    2.   save a life
    3.   give my room a make-over
    4.   not use my phone for a week
    5.   travel through a foreign country by bike
    6.   successfully finish a 30-days-challenge 
    7.   see Only Seven Left perform (at least) 7 times
          -          5th of May 2011 (BFU 11)
          -          5th of November 2011 (Vorstin, Hilversum)
          -          4th of March 2012 (luistersessie Vorstin, Hilversum)
          -          16th of April 2012 (in-store, Rotterdam)
          -          27th of April 2012 ('t Paard, Den Haag)
          -          16th of November 2012 (Vorstin, Hilversum)
    8.   be on tv
    9.   compete in  a windsurfing competition 
    10. fly in a hot air balloon
    11. visit Copenhagen
    12. follow a photography course
    13. become a vegetarian again 
    14. do covers of songs I like
    15. plant a tree
    16. read every book from 'The Hunger Games' 
    17. have 50 followers on twitter
    18. travel somewhere outside of Europe
    19. let my hair grow long again
    20. write a song
    21. receive a diploma
    22. speak French fluently
    23. walk on high heels for a day without falling
    24. have a hundred lovely followers on this blog
    25. learn to drink coffee
    26. wear a lot of dresses during summer
    27. make foreign friends
    28. start my own YouTube-channel
    29. learn to say 'NO' to things I don't want
    30. be able to braid my own hair
    31. go camping with my best friends
    32. win a match
    33. create a new lay-out for my blog
    34. write fan mail to my hero 
    35. make a dress/shirt/something nice to wear
    36. watch (at least) 25 films in one year
    37. go to a lot of festivals
    38. leave without knowing where I'll end up
    39. learn to play 10 or more songs on my guitar
    40. be in a newspaper or magazine
    41. watch every episode of 'Switched At Birth'
    42. live in a foreign country 
    43. organize a great party
    44. witness a meteor shower
    45. do a solo performance for a huge audience
    46. get a tan
    47. come up with my own recipe
    48. visit my favourite camping in France
    49. be the proud owner of a Volvo C30
    50. think of 50 new things I want to do in life

What is something you really want to do in life? 


p.s. As you can see, I've already done #33. I changed my lay-out last night, do you like it? (:

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