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Dzień dobry! // Hi there! 
I'm back from my trip to Poland! I've had a wonderful time there. Learned a lot about their culture, seen a lot of pretty landscapes, met a lot of lovely people. Read on to learn more about the five days I spent in Poland... (: 

Wednesday morning we left The Netherlands by plane. The weather was good, so you could see a lot. Luckily I had a seat next to the window, so I was able to look at the clouds for over 3 hours. 

The school we visited every day. It was a rather small school compared to mine. The Polish school system is so different from the Dutch. In this school there were almost only boys, and all pupils were aged 16 to 19. 

This is the school my lovely host Kasia goes to. She's 14 right now, so she can't go to the school on the photo before yet. 

Food! In Poland, I ate a lot, as in: really really much. In the picture above you can see some of the treats I ate during my stay. Polish eating traditions are different as well: they have a warm meal as lunch and have a cold meal in the morning and evening. 

On our way to school. Kasia lives 20km away from the school, so every day we sat in the car for 30 minutes. 

Lovely buildings.. 
During our stay we also attended some classes at school. As I said before, the school was rather small. There were only 20 chairs (max.) in a classroom!

This is all I will show you for now. Keep an eye on the blog, because part 2 is coming soon! Would you like to go to Poland? Or have you been there before? I'm really curious, so let me know in a comment below! (: 


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  1. Hoi Maike!

    Helaas ben ik nog nooit in Polen geweest... Ik hoor mooie verhalen van mijn ouders en nu ook van jou. Wat heb je mooie foto's gemaakt en wat leuk om een andere cultuur van zo dichtbij te leren kennen!

    veel plezier met nagenieten!


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