YAY. Only a couple of days left until it's Wednesday, the day I leave for my trip to Poland. My school is participating in a project where pupils go to countries all across Europe. Not everyone can join: we had to give a presentation about Poland and only the three best pupils were asked to join the trip. AND I AM ONE OF THEM! So together with my best friend and some other people from my school, we'll be off to Poland in a couple of days.
I'll be back on Sunday the 25th, but make sure to check my blog in the meantime since there will be some new posts published while I'm gone!



  1. Ik hoorde het al van Marion. Wat leuk! Veel plezier Maike! Ben benieuwd wat je gaat meemaken...

  2. Ik heb dit jaar ook zo'n soort uitwisseling gedaan met Spanje! Je leert zo veel op zo'n reis :) Veel plezier!


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