all the things I have (not) done.


I'm back from being incredibly absent! I was so busy with other things that my last post on the blog appeared 3 weeks ago, oooops... Time to change that! 
I wanted to share two lists with you, since I am sometimes kind of addicted to making lists. You can check them out below.
1. Blowing soap bubbles on the Dam Square in Amsterdam.
2. Covering 'The One That Got Away' by Katy Perry. You can watch it >here<.
3. Playing snooker for the first time and discovering that this is definitely not my thing. 
4. Giving a guided tour through Delft, also know as: enjoying the sunshine at the 'Prinsenhof' for 2,5 hours.
5. Walking on the beach with the boyfriend, my Finnish exchange student Martta and some other lovely people.
6. Waking up at 5.45 in the morning to go to work.
7. Trying out 95347352 different products at Lush.
8. Visiting 4 different museums: Kunsthal (seen the Gaultier exhibition? check!), Boijmans Van Beuningen, Escher in het Paleis and Huis van Marseille.
9. Eating more unhealthy food than ever before in my life. (edit: eating an apple right now!)
10. Buying two new skirts and a new dress. Let the spring begin!

Not done: 
1. Blogging, obviously.
Do you have any plans for this weekend? The weatherforecast says it's going to be 21°C here tomorrow, so I guess you can find me in the garden wearing my new skirt or dress and reading a good book!


Ps: A big warm welcome to all of my new followers, thank you for checking out my blog!
*Moi is the Finnish word for 'hi', it sounds like how the Dutch say "hoi" but then it starts with the 'm'. Congratulations, you learned a new word today! (;


  1. Moi! En 'ayo' is 'doei' in papiamentu. Zo, heb jij ook weer een woord geleerd :)

  2. Oehlala, ze is terug van weggeweest!! :D


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