Hey! After another month of zero posts, finally here is a new update for you to read. I had the great opportunity to visit my friend in Germany. My first time ever in Germany! On Friday the 17th of May I stepped in the train, the very first step from my 6 hour travel.  The train took me to Venlo, where I said goodbye to The Netherlands and entered the train to Düsseldorf, from where I took another train to Mannheim. At the trainstation in Mannheim, A and his sister M were waiting for me and drove me to their house. In those 5 days I have done sooo many nice things, scroll down if you want to know what exactly!


visited heidelberg / swam in this waterparc / ate lovely food in restaurants / had döner for lunch / drove 180 km per hour on the highway / went longboarding for the very first time / got the prettiest (birthday) presents ever / 
both didn't dare to try the 'Hurricane'-slide (click to see how scary it was) / tried some 'spaghetti eis' (which was strange but tasted good!) / climbed 315 steps to reach the castle in heidelberg / taught A how to use a cheese slicer correctly. (;

I had a super amazing time in Germany and I can't wait to go back! 



  1. Leuk Maike, prachtige foto's. Ehhh, weet Marion dat ook, van die 180km/u...? ;)

    1. Dankje! Ze kreeg denk ik al kippenvel toen ze het hoorde, haha. (;

  2. Waah, die glijbaan ziet er echt doodeng uit ja! Maar klinkt als een heerlijke vakantie :) x

  3. Wat een toffe foto's. Het ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik kan echt niet wachten om op vakantie te gaan als ik dit soort foto's zie ;)

  4. Ik zag je staan bij het lijstje "similar blogs" van mijn blog. Die jouwe is erg leuk, ik volg je nu


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